Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yada, Yada, Yada...Let's "Dialogue"

A report from the Mid-America Baptist churches (MN and Iowa)...

The Task Force on Human Sexuality presented its final report at the September Board of Region Ministries meeting. This Task Force was charged with 'implementing the 1993 American Baptist Resolution Calling For Dialogue on Human Sexuality with the goal of establishing a Region policy regarding the recognition of the ordination of homosexuals' (Board Minutes, March 2004). While the Task Force was unable to reach a consensus on the issue of recognition of ordination, they were very effective in identifying the issues and gathering information.

The Task Force stated that one (but not the only) way to deal with the issue would be to have a vote of delegates at our Annual Gathering. The members of the Board of Region Ministries have decided to follow this route and have voted to ask the delegates at the Annual Gathering to vote on the following motion:

• Whereas the 1992 resolution on homosexuality is held in tension with the 1993 American Baptist Resolution Calling for Dialogue on Human Sexuality.
• Whereas we as Mid-American Baptist Church's recognize that we are not of one mind in matters pertaining to human sexuality.
• Whereas there is a wide spectrum of biblical and theological views represented within our region and within our churches.
• Whereas [many] churches may want the opportunity to continue to dialogue as called for in the 1993 American Baptist Resolution calling for Dialogue on Human Sexuality.

Therefore we as Mid-American Baptist Churches call upon individuals and churches to stay open to dialogue and to continue to implement the 1993 American Baptist Resolution Calling for Dialogue on Human Sexuality.
Therefore we will not recognize the ordinations of openly gay and lesbian persons at this time.

This motion, coming from the Board of Region Ministries, does not require a second and will be voted on at the afternoon business session at Harlan on
Saturday, October 22, 2005.

Dialogue is a virtual god among some American Baptists. Let's recognize it for what it is: a stalling tactic by the theo-left until they wear us down. Let's not dialogue about Truth anymore; let's obey it.

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