Thursday, October 13, 2005

Is Chris Matthews Running Valley Forge?

Perhaps the most disturbing things reported by Dale Salico at the Bakersfield conference is the actions taken by ABCUSA vis-a-vis PSW in the last month. To quote from Dennis McFadden's report:

ABCUSA’s Response

-Expressed sorrow over the decision by PSW

-ABCPSW members of GB EC asked to leave meeting when PSW situation was discussed

-ABCPSW delegates asked not to attend November meetings of the GB

-National Ministries immediately canceled the contract with PSW for cooperation in ministry with Native American Churches without notifying PSW EM

-National Ministries told Native American pastors they will lose their salary support if they remain with ABCPSW

-NM and OGS have organized meetings in the region without notifying EM

This is simply scandelous behavior on the part of National Ministries and the Office of the General Secretary. The actions with the Native American pastors say it all: Ministry takes a backseat to ABC loyalty. These guys mean to play hardball...

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