Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Horse and Pony Show

The gang that couldn't shoot straight is coming back to California. (That is, the VF leadership team.) As they do, remember what I said in my last post:

VF is afraid of, and does not understand, its churches. They are afraid of a PSW style uprising. But I also think that the VF leadership is quite baffled. The proletariat isn't supposed to act this way. They have gone off the reservation. What those churches are supposed to do is give money and shut up.

Remember: the reason for their westward trek is not to listen; it's to talk. (Looking back, that was the fundamental mistake Dr. Medley made in early September. That's why that meeting was such a disaster: the underclass--pastors and members of churches--were allowed to speak.)

And in their talking, look for a shameless OJ trial race card play. It's all about trying to split off non-white churches from the white portion of the PSW.

And it won't work.

Anyone at the Medley Meltdown in Covina can testify to the fact that it didn't matter: white, black, asian, hispanic, male and female all rose to say, "Enough!"

Which is what I'm expecting the Gang of Four to say when they get the plane to fly back to Philly...

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