Thursday, October 20, 2005

AP Report on West Virginia: Missing Crucial Parts

This AP story misses the most important parts: (1) there is widespread dissatisfaction in the center churches of the WVBC and (2) a resolution to reaffirm the "historic relationship" of WVBC and the ABC-USA failed. VF did not dodge a bullet in WV. It just barely dodged a bullet from the "far right." The center is still aiming...

...West Virginia Baptists have narrowly rejected a proposal to split from the American Baptist Churches-USA over the denomination's stance on homosexuality. The proposal introduced by the West Virginia Baptists for Biblical Truth failed by a vote of 391-325 at the West Virginia Baptist Convention's annual meeting. The vote followed a move by Baptist churches in the Pacific Southwest, which announced plans earlier this year to break from the American Baptist Churches over issues of homosexuality. The West Virginia group's resolution said the ordination of homosexuals and affirmation of the homosexual lifestyle by some American Baptist churches is contrary to biblical teaching. [AP]


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