Monday, October 03, 2005


A series of postings appeared on the ABC/USA website today, evidently round two in the effort to obfuscate the reality of the heterodoxy of the bulk of the leadership at Valley Forge and to cast the actions of the PSW in most negative light. Read 'em and weep. Really weep, and witness the death of a once great denomination.

That's the post where VF violates the long-standing rule that to be a member of ABC/USA, a church has to be a member of a region. But if PSW leaves, that rule will be conveniently waived. This is the arrogance we have come to expect.

That's where policies are strung together in an effort to obscure the fact that the Welcoming and Affirming philosophy dominates the VF mindset, and that diversity only applies to left-liberal churches, and that VF just wants to conservative churches around to pick their pockets to fund bloated denominational expense accounts.

If you think that's over the top, just answer this: why on earth do we need to "dialogue" on what the Scriptures clearly condemn? There is no lack of exegetical clarity here! The reality is that a different gospel dominates the VF mentality. And we know what we're to do with "different gospels" which are no gospel at all.

OK, that last one is a timeline on how homosexuality has been dealt with by ABC/USA. It's actually a "smoking gun"; read it and see how grass roots efforts to assert Biblical teaching has been muzzled by "dialogue" and the great "bone" thrown to the evangelical majority: the 1992 one-sentence statement that's VF has touted as proof of its orthodoxy. The 1992 GB resolution must be seen for what it really was: a desperate attempt to save the sinking ship. Remember: Key leaders at Valley Forge do not believe that the 1992 statement means ANYTHING.

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