Friday, September 23, 2005

While Differing in Details, Lombard Attendees Agree on the Need for a "New Movement"

Report Back for Regional Group Discussions 2:35

Q1: New Group?


Q2: What will it look like?

Michigan Report
ABE: stay in there!
ABE: provide a new home for disaffected churches
ABE: a “region”
A few others: Stay in our region, join an existing denomination
Confessional/statement of faith

Northwest Report
Confessional/statement of faith
National footprint

Indiana Report
“Come, Lord Jesus”—a new organization with a new leader
Hope for Indiana Resolution that it might pass
Hope that Exec Ministers will lead the charge
17 execs are sympathetic (over 4000 churches)

Iowa/MN Report

Lean, missional organization
No politics

Northeast Report (NY, New England)

Need new organization
May have to dually aligned churches first

Kansas/Nebraska Report

Confession of faith
Coalition level
Dually aligned

PSW Report

Unite with existing fellowship: a minority report
Lean, doctrinal core
Without a doctrinal edges

West Virgina Report

Many open possibilities
Must get rid of our will and find the Lord’s
Let ABE hold the banner for a time

ABC of the West

New organization
Association within ABC?
New denomination?
A network!
Let ABE be the organization network

Side-Report: the Great Commission Network (Kaiser, ABCW)

A time to take a stand
History, vision, mission, strategies
Robust doctrinal statement
Must embrace all four strategies (mentoring, coaching, consultation, opening)
Delivery systems
GCN also working with Presbyterians and RCA


Q3. How do we get there?

IA/MN: lean mean missional team
PSW: legal entity, empowered group
Have a Core group to work on vision, mission and values
Not an anti-ABC group
Northwest: this group is the core. Use the momentum generated in this room
MI: avoid mistakes of the past; we are in a different context because the regions a are leading the way

Q4: What’s the outcome?

IA/MN: Be on the cutting edge
NW: Support churches doing the primary work: seek and save the lost
Partner with like-minded entities (not just other Baptists)

An extended time of prayer followed before the dinner break. Bill Nicoson urged us to pray for Roy Medley and for the VF staff.

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