Friday, September 23, 2005

Bill Nicoson: Facing the Struggle

Another hallway conversation. A well-placed source from Ohio says that Ohio has 9 months maximum, based on the potential exodus of churches. A task force to facilitate actions after the December meeting of the General Board has been formed. (It is expected that the strong wording proposed by IND/KY on homosexuality will be defeated there.)

Back in session, Bill Nicoson
introduced Bob Lindner of Cincinnati,
America Baptist laymen, billionaire owner of the Reds. (He and his brother gave the money for this conference center, and have been big supporters of ABE.)

Bill introduced Larry Swain, Exec of OH and commented on the Parchment Valley Agreement.

Bill’s Message:

For me, a time of fear, anxiety as well as hope. Only five hours of sleep a night since calling this meeting.

What can we do collectively as well as individually? What’s the point of collective action?

A lot of pressure on this meeting…

“I don’t have a grand scheme, I hate to disappoint you.” But what bothers me is the reality of a world without Christ. Can we unite for mission?

Acts 6

The number of disciples was increasing

Bill’s hope:

“A group of Baptist congregations committed together to an orthodox, biblical and theological foundation that will result in the growth of the church of Jesus Christ as demonstrated by healthy congregations.”

A church that

· Thrives on persecution, not popularity
· Preaches Christ, not self-help
· Gives sacrificially

A Biblical church provokes a satanic counterattack.

The means: Persecution, moral failure, distraction and division.

“I don’t want to look back any more.” He’d rather reach Elliot, his dry cleaner.

Our DNA.


Solid, Christo-centric doctrine becomes a foundation for doing mission.


The battle for evangelicals in Massachusetts—they just want to get on to ministry.


· Relationships
· Confessing

Standards of effective leadership (from Acts 6)

1. Quick action, not bureaucratic red-tape
2. Dynamic interaction between leaders and the led
3. Priorities need to be established and honored; some things are more important than others; the apostles knew this, and that’s why the “deacon” task force was set up. “Leadership” takes a backseat to the preaching of the word and prayer.
4. Leadership selection was based on a unique set of qualifications. Not “personality type” but godly character.

“As we lead together, let’s do it Biblically.”

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