Friday, September 23, 2005

PSW Group Discussion (all attendees got into regional groups, and asked to respond to four questions)

1. Do we need a new group?

Yes, but we don’t want to be a “denomination”
Better: a movement
Join with BGC (Baptist General Conference)?
Home is no longer home…we need to hold together
Logistics a problem for creating a new denomination
We need “something”

2. What would a new movement look like?

At this point, I floated the name “Baptist Churches in America” as a possible new name for the new movement.

Lean, mission-focused
Doctrinal statement
Authority of Scripture
Accountability without “hard-edges”
“Classical Christianity”

3. How do we get there?

Maybe PSW could do a DBA of “BCA”
Any organization could do that: Green Lake, Northern, or WVBC
Via regions
The power of Big Mo
MI’s suggestion: abolish VF (General Secretary’s office)—that kind of model Manageable sub-group to do deal with new structure, values, doctrine, etc.
Need to empower a task force to deal with those issue
Use ABE as a shell
Bathe it in prayer!

4. What’s the desired outcome?

See people won to Christ—in an accelerated way

Need a vision? One articulated by Bill Nicoson

“A group of Baptist congregations committed together to an orthodox, biblical and theological foundation that will result in the growth of the church of Jesus Christ as demonstrated by healthy congregations.”

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