Saturday, September 10, 2005


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Today, the PSW staff received the following information from our executive, Dr. Dale Salico in reference to our Board of Directors' decision in regard to the Roy Medley/Peggy Johnson meeting on Wednesday:

"After the meeting with pastors and church leaders, the Board knew that there were no easy options open for them. Their discussion and prayer time demonstrated great spiritual maturity. The past two days have made me very proud of our pastors, church leaders, Board of Directors and staff.

The Board wants the release of their decisions to be as clear and complete as possible. Therefore we will be preparing a letter that will go out no later than Monday. Until then the decision remains confidential. The Board felt that it may be easier over the weekend when you are in churches for Region staff to be able to respond to questions by saying, "I cannot answer your question. The Board is still processing its decisions. A letter will be sent out to all the churches on Monday and staff will be informed of the Board's decision at that time also."

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Judging by MAL's report purportedly summarizing Dr. Salico's memo to his staff, we can expect some BIG news on Monday.

...My sources tell me that the meeting with Dr. Medley was a continuation of the morning session which Dr. Layne labeled "disastrous" in his blog . . .

...At several points the President of the region reportedly asked Dr. Medley direct questions as to how he would intend to respond if PSW disengaged from the ABCUSA. I am told Dr. Medley was confronted directly and asked if he planned to litigate the matter. He answered that he is a "healer" and not a "fighter," indicating that it would not be his style to pursue legal avenues of remedy. One member of the board reportedly agreed that Roy's options for the independent exercise of his power are evidently limited. But, so are the options for the President of the U.S. However, the President is unafraid to use his positional power and bully pulpit to advance causes he believes in and wants to see come to pass. Dr. Medley reportedly replied that he cannot see himself leading in that way; it wouldn't fit with his personality and style.

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