Friday, October 23, 2009

TransMin Wrap-Up

After afternoon skills sessions, we assembled again to hear Leith Anderson wrap-up this year's Transforming Churches conference, and were not disappointed with his expostion of the two needed marks of the church: Biblical faithfulness and cultural relevance. On the second, he gave one of the finest succint expositions of a theology of Biblical cultural relevance I've ever heard.

Next year's conference will be at Hillside Community Church in Alta Loma, CA. Hillside is a mid-sized "mega" church which is newly affilitated with Transformation Ministries.


dougbeyer said...

Glenn, you tantalize me with a description of Leith Anderson's "finest exposition of theology and culture," Please tell us more of the content.

Glenn Layne said...

He rooted that we a definition of culture derived from the Willowbank statement: ordered patterns of relationships. On that basis, the Trinity is a "culture": a sinless culture. Further, Jesus sinlessly entered into a fully human culture. We can therefore interact with human culture w/o being contaminated by its sin, in imitation of Jesus. Finished with Paul's "all things to all men" passage.