Friday, October 23, 2009

Salico on TransMin's Ongoing Vision

After another fine message from Leith Anderson, TM delegates went into a business session. Minor changes in the bylaws were approved. We also received financial reports that were amazingly encouraging.

Exec Minister Dale Salico spoke on the challenging new vision of TransMin. We have weaknesses in growth and new church planting. This spurs us on to a new horizon.

Our urgency springs first and foremost from the reality of reaching lost people from eternal condemnation.

Here's the new vision statement:

"We envision a God-empowered movement of churches; every pastor growing; every church healthy; every community transformed for Christ."

Dale explained the Biblical foundations of the vision statement.

From this, Dale explained this Mission Statement which involves growing pastors, growing churches, and new church planting.

Dale explained some additions to our core values and core competencies.

Some 5 year goals include aggressive new pastoral recruitment, pastoral growth, a 1:15 baptism ratio for churches, numerical growth, a 3% church planting goal.

Dale warned that "mine flu"--the heresy of absolute church autonomy--has the capacityto derail the vision. The Bible is a book of the story of the teams--nations, tribes, churches--called by God to do His will.

More to come...

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