Monday, October 12, 2009

Hold on There, Ellen, Arnold

A member of my church (who works at JPL, but who swears she is NOT a rocket scientist) sent me an article on a Ellen Van Wolde, a "respected Old Testament scholar" who has announced that we've all been wrong for 3,000 plus years about Genesis saying God created the universe. God, apparently was just redecorating (see the story here.)

A good refutation of Dr. Wolde can be found here by a real rooten tooten Hebrew scholar. If you run across other good response to her, kindly send them along and I'll post the links.

By the way, the Gubenator broke the law today (Moday). In signing SB 54, which recognizes same-sex marriages done in other states, he stands in clear violation of Prop 8, passed last year by voters. See here for the news with commentary.

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