Monday, April 20, 2009

Town Hall for Hope Draws Interest; Back from Arkansas; Activate Seminar

FBC is a host location of the nationwide Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey this Thursday 5 PM till 6:30 PM.

As of this writing, 29 people have registered to come to FBC via web sign-up.

My offer still stands: free dinner for the first 20 FBC-based registrants. Email me directly ( to get on that list. (Dinner will follow at 6:30.)
On a different subject, we're back in Temple City after a quick trip to Springdale, AR, for my neice's wedding. (She's now Mrs. Larry Brammel). On Sunday morning, we worshipped at FBC Springdale, a megachurch (15,000 attendance).
Good message. But do you know what? Even this megachurch had a microphone squeal of feedback and a misspelling on a slide.
A third topic: last call to register for the Activate Seminar this Thursday, 9 AM-Noon. Use this link.
If you would like to come but $49 is too much, email me directly; I MAY (not for sure!) be able to get you in gratis. (Right now it looks like a cozier group of 50 or so.)
See you soon!
---Pastor Glenn

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