Saturday, April 11, 2009

Journey to the Cross Sets Stage for Resurrection Celebration

A tale of two gardens: this is the Garden of Gethsemene. This was set aside as a place for prayer. We had to add a lot of chairs to this area. There was also a Garden of Eden area.

Moving the mountain: Mt. Sinai arrives Thursday. The fabricated mountain was made by an associate of Worship Pastor Matt Cooper at Isolated Ground.

Welcoming worshippers was the prophet Isaiah, who turned 2,780 recently!

Jill Vago at the cross--covered with slips of paper with the words MY SIN. Participants nailed them to the cross.

Above: the Prophet's Room--a place to examine Messianic prophecies.

Here are some photos from the assembly and the experience THE JOURNEY TO THE CROSS last night at First Baptist. Special thanks to LUIS VASQUEZ, JOHN ERNEST, SCOTT LEAR, BOB RANDALL, BRENDON and KAREN FLANNIGAN, ROBIN GIAMMALVA, and especially DON BUCHANAN aka ISAIAH.

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