Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fireproof Growth Group to be Offered This Summer


A GROWTH GROUP for couples
Your Marriage

Based on the award-winning movie “Fireproof”
This innovative marriage building GROWTH GROUP for couples will meet Tuesdays starting June 2 through July 21. Register by calling (626) 286-3125 x 11 or by emailing glenn@templecitybaptist.org.

This includes 6 sessions of study plus a movie night and a practical service experience.


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mike hertz said...

theres a chris rock movie that came out about a year ago. it was a silly vular comedy that had to do with relationships and fidelity (lack of)... anyways there is a line toward the end where he gives the greatest description of a truly loyal spouse and i'm sorry i cant recall it!! but it's so good i'm tempted to rent the movie just to hear it again... Oh yeah, there is a scene where he becomes a victim to one of the side effects of viagra and paramedics are called...it's a bit funny...hard not to laugh..npi