Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More People Claim Christian Faith in Japan

As the pastor of a church that's becoming more and more Asian, with a Japanese Christian national as our organist-accompanist, this item caught my eye. I've been VERY BUSY lately and have some items to blog up soon...stay tuned.

The latest Gallup poll revealed a much higher percentage of Christians in Japan compared to previous surveys, including a surprising high number of teens who claimed the Christian faith, the Christian Post reports. In a country where only one percent is Christian among those who claim a faith, findings from one of the most extensive surveys of the country ever taken showed a Christian population of six percent. The popular, traditional religions – Buddhism and Shintoism – suffered declines. Of the 30 percent of adults who claimed to have a religion, 75 percent considered themselves Buddhists, 19 percent Shintoists and 12 percent Christians, according to Gallup. Of the 20 percent of youths who professed to have a religion, 60 percent called themselves Buddhists, 36 percent Christians and Shintoists. "These projections mean that seven percent of the total teenage population say they are Christians," said George Gallup Jr., who called the numbers "stunning."

Source: http://www.crosswalk.com/news/religiontoday/1384804.html

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