Friday, March 03, 2006

Cornerstone Website Up and Running; Informational Meetings Announced

The website for Cornerstone Church Network, the sucessor organization to American Baptist Evangelicals is up and running ( Here's a sample:

Cornerstone Church Network
Relational. Missional. Global.

Who are we?

We envision a movement of healthy missional churches that are connected and equipped to reach nations for Christ. Our mission is to connect and equip churches for global impact.

Cornerstone Church Network exists for the sake of churches. We choose to work together, connected by common passion, vision and values. This network is connected regionally and by affinity, and it serves to build each other up, mentor and coach, and hold each other accountable. Cornerstone Church

Network functions like a computer network:

Cornerstone is like a network server, identifying key regional and affinity leaders (think of them as nodes) within the network, which will connect users. Cornerstone provides a central "address" book and helps connect churches to the network through communications and sometimes face-to-face equipping and connecting events.

In a computer network, the tech sets it up, but individuals use their computers to do their job. In the same way, Cornerstone sets up the network, but churches and leaders relate to one another computer-to-computer, that is, one-to-one.
Cornerstone also serves as a broker, finding and sharing great resources and leaders who help achieve the common vision of equipping churches to reach nations for Christ.

Churches and leaders use and expand the network, relating around core values, mission and vision. For example, they use the network relationships to encourage, mentor, coach and hold each other accountable.

Our Key Spiritual Values

Biblical authority and literacy
Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior
Obedience to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission
Congregational health and growth
Reproduction of disciples, leaders and churches
Every believer equipped for the work of the ministry
Reliance on the Holy Spirit's power through prayer

Our Key Operational Values

A flat organizational structure that draws on the primacy of practitioner leadership
A virtual network that maximizes technology
Success measured in terms of practical, real-world effectiveness outcomes; forward-thinking, innovative and proactive

Connection to the Past

The process of affiliation with Cornerstone Church Network will be initiated by churches, regions and other entities, not by Cornerstone. Churches that are currently in the American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA) and/or American Baptist Evangelicals (ABE) will self-determine their participation. Cornerstone also welcomes affiliates from other like-minded denominational or nondenominational churches. Cornerstone allows multiple affiliations.

Churches may belong:

Only to Cornerstone Church Network
To Cornerstone and ABCUSA
To Cornerstone and their specific ABC Region, but not ABCUSA
To another denomination, but join Cornerstone because they are drawn to the missional values and vision of Cornerstone. Cornerstone maintains a positive connection to the historic missional roots of American Baptist Churches USA.

High Commitment

Cornerstone expects a high level of participation and commitment from affiliating churches and entities:

A missional covenant will be signed and recommitted to annually.
Each church will either be a teaching, coaching or mentoring church, or be in a learning, coaching or mentoring relationship.


Annual membership cost based on the size of your annual budget or a contribution as a missions line item of your annual budget
Designated giving for specific projects
Fees for some services
Accountability by natural selection through annual renewal, annual membership cost/budget contribution.

So, Why Join?

Here's the bottom line: Cornerstone wants to take the world for Christ and we want you on our team. We invite you to come and join a band of brothers and sisters building healthy, missional churches equipped to reach the nations for Christ. We welcome you to join with leaders who sharpen and encourage you. We are a place where you can share your strengths with those in need and learn from the strengths of others.

What is a "Missional" Church?A missional church is a reproducing body in which authentic disciples are being equipped as missionaries sent by God to live and proclaim His Kingdom in their world.

*Mission is the essence of the missional church, the reason for which Christ's church exists. The mission is His, not ours. The missional church understands that every Christian is called into relationship with God and sent by Him as His missionary. The difference between being "missions minded" and "missional" is that missional is participative rather than supportive; missional is the essence of a church's being rather than one of the things it does. These are some of the characteristics of a missional church:

High threshold for membership
High value on authenticity and integrity
Teaches obedience to, not just knowledge of, Scripture
High value on creating a fresh new worship experience every week
Attenders live apostolically, that is, with the belief that they are called into relationship with God and set by Him as His missionary

High expectation to change the world
Mission driven: actions are ordered according to purpose
Growth is measured by capacity to release, not retain
Kingdom concerns have top priority

Missional Church Conferences

An Introduction to Cornerstone Church Network

Beginning with the meetings listed below, and continuing throughout the next few months, Cornerstone Church Network is sponsoring conferences where you can learn more about who we are and what we do. We're grateful to these churches for offering their facilities and for their support. Then in September, we're planning a national conference to officially launch Cornerstone Church Network. We'll announce details of those plans soon. Check out the areas where we'll be meeting and make plans to attend a meeting near you. To reserve a spot, please e-mail us at and tell us which conference you want to attend. Include your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and the date of the conference. And please check back frequently to see if other conferences have been added.

Tuesday, April 25 - 1:00 p.m.Windsor Baptist Church213 Little Conestoga RoadUwchland, Pennsylvania 19480610-458-5177Paul E. Chaya, Pastor
click here to let us know you're coming

Tuesday, May 5 - 11:00 a.m. - includes a hosted lunchFirst Baptist Church of Marshalltown700 Olive StreetMarshalltown, IA 50158641-753-3528Richard Sipe, Sr. Pastor
click here to let us know you're coming

Tuesday, May 9 - 1:00 p.m.Burncoat Baptist Church475 Burncoat StreetWorcester, MA 01606508-853-6240James A. Fontaine, Pastor
click here to let us know you're coming

Thursday, May 11 - 1:00 p.m.Karl Road Baptist Church5750 Karl RoadColumbus, Ohio 43228614-436-8358John Kirn, Contact
click here to let us know you're coming

Thursday, May 18-21ABC-NW Annual MeetingBill Nicoson will speak at a breakfast meeting.509-845-1897Jim Amend, Contact
click here to let us know you're coming

Tuesday, May 23 - 1:00 p.m.First Baptist Church of Pomona586 N. Main StreetPomona, CA 91768909-629-5277Glenn Gunderson, Sr. Pastor
click here to let us know you're coming

Thursday, May 25 - 1:00 p.m.Pete's Creek Baptist Church6300 Library RoadSouth Park, PA 15129412-833-6111Gregory Adkins, Sr. Pastor
click here to let us know you're coming

Copyright © 2006 Cornerstone Church Network. All rights reserved.
* Information about missional churches is taken from “Shaped by God’s Heart: The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches” by Milfred Minatrea. Published by Jossey-Bass.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a terrific plan. But doesn't it duplicate much of what the Great Commission Network is already doing?

Anonymous said...

there is some similarities but there are some huge differences too

revdrron said...

Great! Let's roll! I'm already signed up for a conference or two!

Worship & enjoy, ron