Thursday, January 05, 2006

Three's Company? Or Four? Or Seven?

Last night, USC lost to Texas in the Rose Bowl. Well, I think I might know why (I am being facetious). A few years ago, I would up on a panel at USC discussing same-sex marriage. Opposite me was the lesbian chaplain at USC and the gay mayor of North Hollywood. Their eyes all rolled when I said that if and when same-sex marriage becomes legal, "Ten minutes later, lawyers in Salt Lake City will be preparing briefs in favor of polygamy, and ten minutes after that lawyers will be doing the same in favor of group marriage--right here in L.A."

Well, read all about it. In an article far too long to reproduce here, Stanley Kurtz writes in the 12-26-2005 issue of The Weekly Standard a fascinating article on the legal status of polyamory (i.e., group marriage). And coming to a art house near you is a documentary about "a post modern family" entitled "Three of Hearts" (see

What is truly fascinating about the article by Kurtz is the role being played by the Unitarian-Universalist church. Follow this link and read the whole article:

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