Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Signs of ABC Decay

This is a portion of a posting on the ABE message board by "Dr. Ehud":

It's true that leadership in the ABC has so deluded themselves that they don't see the need to change. Added to that the threat of taking the property of any church which trys to leave the ABC, the leadership is in fact confident of their position. However, I was informed that some churches in ABCCR [ABC of the Central Region] are considering dual alignment with the Conservative Baptists and one church in fact is meeting with a representative from Longmont, Colo. this week. Others are waiting to see the results of that meeting. I was told that the plan is to give the ABC $10 a month as "rent" on the property and give the rest of support to CB [Conservative Baptists]. I devulge this to encourage the ABE leaders to speed up the process of either getting VF to clean up its act or to form the ABE into something more than it now is.

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