Thursday, January 19, 2006

ABE Reinvents Itself as "Cornerstone Network Group"


Santa Ana, Calif. – Jan. 19, 2006 – As a culmination of meeting together for two full days at Northern Seminary, Lombard, Ill., Vision Architects announced the name of the new movement replacing American Baptist Evangelicals: Cornerstone Network Group. Its mission is to equip churches for global impact. Its vision, Leaders energized, congregations mobilized, the world evangelized.

Effective Monday, January 23, 2006, the current ABE web site will be closed, and a new web site opened at Anyone who wishes to retrieve information from the current site at must do so before Monday, January 23. After that time, anyone attempting to log on to the current site will be automatically directed to the new site.Cornerstone Network Group continues to be a work in progress; likewise, the web site will not be completed for some time.

The Vision Architects will meet again February 8 and 9 to continue drafting this new movement.


Comment: already I have heard two lines of criticism of the name, Cornerstone Network Group. One is that is redundant: you don't need both "network" and "group." The other is--and this is from very methodoloically progressive pastors--is that you need the word Baptist in the name as a clarifier. I was at a meeting of my association's pastors today and none of them cared for the name. ("Sounds like an insurance company," quipped one.) Your comments on the name (see below) will be passed on the Bill Nicoson of ABE/CNG.


Dennis E. McFadden said...

My understanding is that the name Cornerstone Network was already taken so they had to add the "group" to make it unique.

beacon churches said...

Hello Glenn,
CNG just sounds too much like GNC for me. No health food here. At my age I need all the preservatives I can get.

They should have asked to coopt beaconchurches.

On the other hand even we think they could do better than that, though we're pretty sure that beaconchurches would be an improvement over GNC. Wait, it's CNG. ok.