Friday, November 09, 2007

NOC Keeps on the Practical Track

Above image from the film discussed below...

More on the National Outreach Convention...

In a words, more practical ideas per square inch than any similir conference I've attended. I've just come from the third fourth workshop I've attended (two more to go) and one thing about this convention: it's workshop-driven as opposed to plenary session driven, and for that deserves kudos. Last night was a "break" in the form of three lives clean comedians (they would have been a $100 ticket in Las Vegas) and the world premiere of the film Magdelana: Released from Shame, a telling of the Jesus story from the point of view of Mary Magdalene (well done, and the DVD is now in my bag).

I should be able to squeeze in one more post later today.

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Anonymous said...

It was nice seeing you several weeks ago. I am following these posts and hope to glean from your learnings. It's nice to see someone jazzed about outreach. Our group is in a similar place. In past generations we have been accustom to bidding people to come to church. Now people are wanting to bring the gospel TO others--what a shift! Is that some of the stuff your hearing? This new generation isn't all about the building but wants to meet people where they are. Sounds a tad biblical to me. I wonder how the Master would respond?
Keep the faith,