Thursday, November 22, 2007

Images from Church Thanksgiving Dinner

Some images from our church Thanksgiving Dinner, which we took in a missional direction by emphazing our Christmas season outreach events and how members can get involved.

Dom Coe, Aubrey Oster and Christi Oster--part of the kitchen crew.

Karen and Michelle Ford. It was good to see Karen out. She's flying to Iowa next week to continue experimental treatments.

Ralph and Barbara Ramirez were in charge of the feast, and did a great job as always!

Marvin Bockie was joined by some of his out of town relatives for the dinner.

Ismael Felix setting up for sound. We did some video clips and powerpoint off the laptop there. Thanks, Ish!

Some youth plus an adult (can you guess which is which?)

JH Intern Chris Watkins with some of the gang. Chris is a student at Fuller and hails from Texas. (Pronounced Takes Us.)

Brendan Flanigan and yours truly.

The Kappas family. Michael is from DC; Cherry Lynn is from the Philippines.

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