Thursday, November 08, 2007

Miles McPherson Urges NOC to Heed God's Dream

From the National Outreach Convention...

2,300 people filled the San Diego Room at the Town and Country Conference center in San Diego last night to hear Miles McPherson, pastor of the The Rock church urge leaders to hear and heed the "dream of God" for lost people.

Basing his comments on Daniel 2, where the King demands that his wise men (the forerunners of the Magi) tell him his dream. If they do not know his dream, Nebuchadnezzer's decree was that they should die. In a similar way, if God's "wise men" do not know God's dream, the dream of reaching and discipling the lost, their ministry deserves to die as well!

This was the culmination of a great day of networking, significant conversations about ministry and outreach, and the sense that this is a place where questions get answers.

Today much of the day is taken by an array of practical workshops and a general session with Dan Kimball (author of The Emerging Church and They Like Jesus, But They Don't Like the Church) and Leonard Sweet (author of just way too many books to list). Our church staff worked through The Emerging Church, and I remember when Sweet was the token conservative on the staff of the liberal Dayton Theological Seminary (United Methodist); that was when I was serving a church twenty miles north of Dayton.

I should be able to post an update later today.

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