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This is from (when are those guys going to get a new name?) and states exactly my thoughts about yesterday (January 6, 2005) in Washington:

Sane Democrats In Dire Need Of A ''Juicy Fruit'' Moment

Yesterday was one of those times that I had to pinch myself and wonder when I was going to wake up from the dream. I realized while watching the dual spectacles taking place on my TV (OK, my computer screen) that I was witnessing the unraveling of a once proud political party.

Believe it or not I did so with a mixture of glee and pity.

The glee of course was realizing that despite the continual trouncing at the polls year after year the Democratic leadership still doesn't get it. It's almost as if they're purposely going further and further out of the mainstream of America, which will assure them of nothing but a permanent residence in the minority.

But there was also a twinge of sadness. No, I'm not kidding. Anyone who is a student of history knows that at one time Democrats were not the terrorist appeasing panty-waists and moon bat conspiracy theorists they showed themselves to be today.

Roosevelt was the catalyst in defeating the world's greatest evil. Truman dropped the bomb on Japan. JFK went to the right of Nixon in 1960 on anti-Communism and proved in his short time as President that it wasn't an empty campaign rhetoric. Scoop Jackson proudly carried the flag of American military might and the ideals of our country. Even recently, Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman have shown themselves to be men of honor and wisdom when it came to defending America. But today they are the exceptions rather than the rule.

As I watched the Democrats performing political suicide I could not help but think that if they were doing the equivalent harm to their bodies as they were to their political future as a party they would be in an insane asylum. And then it hit me. What the Democrats need now, before it is too late, is a "Juicy Fruit" moment. What's a "Juicy Fruit" moment you ask? Click READ MORE to find out. Remember the scene in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest where Jack Nicholson's character, Randall Patrick McMurphy, offers a piece of gum to the silent giant known as "Chief"? Theretofore everyone thought the Chief was simply a patient who was a deaf mute that did nothing but wander around aimlessly sweeping the floor (except of course when he stood still and held a basketball above his head at the urging of McMurphy, and raised a hand to watch the World Series).

But a funny thing happened when Chief took the stick of gum. He put it in his mouth and very quietly said, "Ah, Juicy Fruit". It was at that moment that McMurphy realized that Chief was sane, in retrospect probably the most sane one in the whole asylum, staff included.

That's what the Democrats need now - a "Chief" to speak up and let everyone know they're not a bunch of raving nut jobs, especially after the abominations that took place yesterday.

The first sign of meltdown yesterday was expected in advance, but still amazing to watch. The setting was the confirmation hearing of Alberto Gonzales.

This great man, who worked his way up from nothing to become one of the most powerful men in the country was treated by Senate Democrats on the Committee as if he were a criminal for trying to protect the citizens of the United States. At issue is the now infamous, and wrongly tabbed "torture memos" in which Gonzales, doing his DUTY as White House counsel reviewed and opined on the legalities of certain interrogation techniques to be used on those who want to kill us en masse.

Pat Leahy of Vermont opened the Bush bashing session, er, confirmation hearing. If a Martial landed yesterday, knowing nothing about politics, he would think that Leahy represented a group of people called "Al Queda" from places called "Guantonamo" and "Abu Ghraib".

We'll be blunt. Even though we saw Leahy's mouth moving yesterday, we wonder if Ramsey Clark or Osama Bin Laden was pulling the strings to make it move. Even more shockingly, he opined that the Geneva Conventions protections apply to Al Queda terrorists even though they are not POW's. Leahy would rather these animals get "3 hots and a cot" and be as comfortable as possible during their stay. Leahy constantly references "abuses" to and "torture" of terrorists, but not once did he mention the 3,000 Americans killed on 9/11.

Next followed an almost surreal moment when Ted Kennedy expressed outrage that terrorists were subjected to water "torture" and the fear that they might drown. Certainly that's an area in which the Senator is well versed.

Soon after Joe Biden was on display for 10 minutes, during which time he and Gonzalez spoke a total of 1,519 words until Biden's red light mercifully came on. Gonzales's contribution was "Yes sir". Biden used his 1,517 words to engage in a childish display in which he demeaned Gonzales's judgment. The rest of the "questioning" by Democratic Senators on the panel was no different.

We were next treated to the embarrassing spectacle of Maxine Waters and Barbara Boxer, among others challenging the counting of Ohio's Electoral votes, when even John Kerry himself admitted there was no proof of fraud. It was damn near comical hearing Maxine Waters say she was ashamed that Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell was a black man, and to hear John Conyers praise Michael Moore as a truth teller.
Memo to these brain dead dopes. People who choose not to wait in line to vote does not constitute vote fraud - it's a choice they make. Further, you may want to have a conversation with the election officials who run the show in the counties at issue - since they are all Democrats we're pretty sure they'll take your call.

In the case of Gonzales hearings are the Democrats too blind, too arrogant, or both, in failing to realize that sympathizing with the plight of those poor terrorists who mean us harm is not the way to win back the White House or Congress? Do they really think the majority of Americans lie awake at night concerning themselves with whether or not an Al Queda member gets his sleep interrupted, is forced to stand for long periods of time, or even gets a smack in the mouth or kick in the nuts every now and then? Well, judging by today's questioning you would think so. (Also evident from today's hearings is that Democrats could care less about torture - how else to explain subjecting the nation to a stammering Ted Kennedy for 10 minutes?)

And let's be honest here for a second, does anyone really care if, in the process of an interrogation, an Al Queda terrorist dies? Speaking for myself my only lament would be if he didn't give us all the information he may have had before assuming room temperature.
And in reality it appears the Democrats may be making a big deal over an interrogation tactic that might not even be used anymore because they don't produce results, and despite what the Dems think that's the goal here for professional interrogators (we can't speak for the Lynndie England's of the world who have no excuse for their behavior).
One wonders what must be going through mind of someone like a Joe Lieberman, an Evan Bayh, or a Ben Nelson, when they see when they see their party disgrace itself in such a way. It's not often though, that you get to see a train wreck as it's occurring. And make no mistake, today was a train wreck for the Democratic party.

Since nearly every conservative or moderate Democrat tried to keep a low profile today we hope they were in the office planning the "Juicy Fruit" moment. Because as much as we like to criticize the Democrats our country is far better served to have two strong political parties who can debate about issues in a sane manner and have honest disagreements. But so long as the only faces they show voters is that of terrorist appeasers and raving lunatics wearing tin foil hats that day is a long way off.

There's an axiomatic truth in politics that you can't win without securing your base. Sadly, the people we all saw on TV today speaking for the empty shell known as the Democratic party are now the "base", and their outlandish actions today were to assure their fellow travelers that they wouldn't abandoned them.

As my colleague Pat Hynes reported today, Joe Trippi told John Fund that today's antics were done under threat from the lefty fringe inhabited by outfits like Democratic Underground, who claimed that unless the votes were challenged donations would dry up. Well, we hope the pennies and nickels from those unemployed granola-eating leeches on society keep the Democratic leadership warm in the wilderness they're leading the party into, because that's about all they're going to have with them.
For the sake of the Democratic party somebody has got to do what Bill Buckley did 50 years ago - which is to stand athwart history and yell STOP!

Or in the alternative simply say "Ah, Juicy Fruit".

But is there any chance of that? From whom? Obama? Hilary? Reid? Give me a break. Dems, here's hoping you enjoy your exile from the mainstream and hope you you time in X-Files Politics is long and lonely.

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