Monday, January 10, 2005

OK, three things:

1. I made the big time in a little way, with my pathetic Moses Blogger (hey that'd be great name for a Blog!) submitted past deadline to (see

2. I did scoop the 911/People's Choice thing...sort of. I was unaware the the PC awards had a separte category for "Best Drama" and the Passion won that. Now they can say two kooks were honored: Mel on the right and Mike on the left, a sad case of moral equivalence.

3. The Blogosphere was abuzz today with the CBS Rathergate Report, and Hewitt is right, it's a soft pillow torture for Rather (Monty Python fans will know of what I speak). HH says what I think: "Some bloggers are bending over to find good in the CBS report. Why they should be in a hurry to dress up this sow is beyond me, but to each this or her own. The Panel failed in its central tasks, and there is no avoiding that conclusion --unless you are Les Moonves or Andrew Heyward."

IMHO: I don't mind Rather being let down gently. He's out the door anyway, and those rare times I see the 6:30 MSM news, it's Williams on NBC. What I think is critical is CBS's willingness to do something bold. That would mean--

--coming to grips with the new media news world, driven as it is by the net and bloggers in specific;
--altaring the format of the news broadcast with that in mind;
--identifying commentary as such, and being balanced Lib/Cons;
--not being afraid of a personality-driven news broadcast.

But hey, that sounds too much like Fox News...

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