Sunday, January 09, 2005

Get this item: Moore will win the People's Choice for Best Picture of 2004. How can that be when 51.5% of American voters reputiated (him and Kerry and Daschle et al.).

How'd that happen? See the secret inside the story?

January 9, 2005 -- Lefty filmmaker Michael Moore has been tipped he's going to win the People's Choice Award tonight, Tom O'Neil reports at

This is the first year these awards - which insiders have long suspected notifies winners in advance - resorted to online voting instead of a Gallup poll.

[Aha, that's the secret! Use a skewed on-line poll, which always is well left of center! I smell a conspiracy!]

Tinseltown has been buzzing about organized campaigns on behalf of Moore's Bush-bashing "Fahrenheit 9/11," which goes up against the likes of "Spider-Man 2" and "The Incredibles" for favorite movie, as well as for Mel Gibson's equally controversial "The Passion of the Christ," which is up for best drama.

Moore's flacks didn't return Post movie critic Lou Lumenick's calls, but sources confirmed he is snubbing tonight's New York Film Critics Circle awards to attend the Hollywood ceremony, where polar opposite Gibson is also expected to make an appearance.

This is a transperant fraud. The real people's choice was The Passion of the Christ, which I didn't expect to get selected, and now I know why.

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