Friday, November 06, 2009

NOC Day 3

Who's Kevin Harney? A few weeks ago, his book Organic Evangelism for Ordinary People arrived at my office because I'd pre-registered for the National Outreach Convention so far in advance. Frankly, I shelved it (being mondo-busy helped).

This morning, I went to his workshop, kind of by default, and was blown away. Here's somebody who's really figured out how to weave evangelism into (a) everyday lives and (b) the way the church runs.

I want to save up this up for a bunch of future blogs, but basically he's figured out how to make evangelism a natural ("organic", an over-used word in my estimation) expression of our walk with God and how to bring it front and center to the life of the church, again, naturally.

Again, I always find workshops the best part of NOC, but Greg Surratt (Seacoast Church, South Carolina) and Dave Ferguson (Community Christian Church, Chicago) inspirational as well as late afternoon speakers Stacey Spencer (New Directions, Memphis) and Steve Furtick (Elevation Church, North Carolina).

A pleasant surprise was Kent Tucker of Hillside Community Church in Rancho Cuacamonga. Hillside is newly affilaited with Transformation Minstries and will be the site of the 2010 TransMin conference. Kent has updated the famous "bridge" in a nifty resource that teaches people how to share the gospel.

I'll unpack more on NOC over the next few weeks...