Thursday, November 05, 2009

NOC Day 2

Nelson Searcy, Bill Easum and Rick Richardson: systems guy, explosive church growth guy and a Wheaton College scholar. That plus a movie tonight ("To Save a Life") and a great message by Miles McPherson--that's been my day.

Nelson: on the mechanics of the Big Day, a strategy of breaking through growth barriers by "extra Easters". Got me thinking about the big series I'll be starting February 14, "From Stress to Rest." Hmm, let's set that as the first Big Day of 2010.

Bill: this guy is hardcore. At age 70, he's tough as nails when it comes to the theme of "explosive church growth." Head spinning, no-nonsense talk.

Rick: neat thoughts on conversion: closed set, open set, journey set? (It'd take too long to explain.)

Hey, more tomorrow...

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