Saturday, February 21, 2009

Camellis Parade Outreach a Success

32 people from First Baptist came early to pick up over 1,000 bottles of water and placed themselves strategically at quarter-mile increments on both side of Las Tunas, the main east-west thoroughfare of Temple City earlier today along the parade route of the annual Camellia Festival Parade.

FBC has traditionally had a significant role in the Festival. Our parking lot is the terminus of the parade and our gym is the location of the Camellia Royalty Luncheon. In other years, we have had a game booth at the Festival.

This year we focused on a servant evangelism project on the parade route. Groups handed out water bottles with a colorful doorhanger tag with a lifesaver with a short but invitational message.

FBC people also had literature in Spanish and Chinese to give out to people on the parade route.

Numerous conversations were engendered along the parade route.

Thanks to all participants. Thanks to all of you who prayed for dry weather after so much rain. Keep praying that our loving touches will bear fruit for the glory of God.

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