Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three Heroes of 2008

As the year ends, I'd like to present three heros of 2008:

JIM GARLOW: Lead Pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego, Jim was a key leader in the Prop 8 battle. He endured a lot of abuse for his role, and deserves our thanks. His church's website is

FATHER ZAKARIA BOTROS: An unlikley 75 year old Coptic Egyptian priest, Father Zakaria hosts a 90 minute broadcast seen all over the Muslim world called Truth Talk in which he challenges Islam. He also answers questions about Christianity and takes on Islam in online chat (sometimes as many as 3,000 log on to ask questions and to listen it). Google his name for more (he jokingly calls that search engine "St. Google.")

WALT HARRIS: A Detroit firefighter, Walt died this year while battling an arson fire in that troubled city. Walt was also a minister of the gospel who used firefighting to pay the bills and showed the love of Jesus by his life. He was often asked to pray before meals at the station, and to pray for their safety. For more on Walt, check out this story.

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