Friday, October 10, 2008

Update, Day 2

TransMin and CB SoCal delegates are meeting separately this moring [Conserative Baptists are co-sponsering the conference] in business session. I was happy to learn that my friend Neil Frey will be the new president of TransMin.

We heard a financial report, somewhat sobered by he current investment fall-out. As I did before our board Wednesday, CFO Dave Gregory expressed his opinion that the current environment presents a ministryopportunity.

He also reported that the Covina office is, praise God, debt free.

Dale Salico gave an outstanding presentation on the future of TransMin. The next great emphasis of TransMin will be healthy, integral churches. A new tool, CHAT [church health assesment too] has been adopted as the prime assessment tool. That is the same tool is curently being utilized by the consultants our church is working with.

This afternoon--workshops
Tonight--Miles McPherson

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