Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You're Welcome, Nelson

Hey, when I'm quoted, I suppose I'm allowed to put it on my blog too. I'm in the Coaching Network of Nelson Searcy, and he quoted me today:

From www.churchleaderinsights.com/blog/:

One of my tele-coaching participants/pastors shared these two time management principles with me in a recent email:

1. Always start the day with God. Just like tithing stretches money, time with God has an amazing way of stretching time!

2. The next day principle. Whenever possible, get through your “to do” list, then do something you’d planned on doing the next day. This snowballs over time and greatly increases your capacity to get things done.

(Submitted by Glenn Edward Layne from First Baptist Church in Temple City, CA)

Two great principles! Thanks, Glenn!

So let me ask you:

Are you starting your day with God?

Are you starting your tomorrow before you finish today?


I'll be posting on the experience of being in Nelson's network. So far, it's the single most valuable training experience I've had in years.

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