Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Winners!

First Baptist is a Big Winner!

We’re happy to announce that FBC Temple City has won a church consultation from the Healthy Church Group of Fresno, CA, a well-respected and highly effective evangelical church consultation service which works primarily with Southern Baptist Churches.*

The value of this consultation is over $5,000. FBC was selected because of an entry which Pastor Glenn made at last year’s National Outreach Convention in San Diego. In this case, a few hundred dollars spent for this conference is paying off in a big way.

HCG’s process involves several steps. The first will be a special weekend in which two members of the HCG team will conduct 16 half-hour interviews on a Saturday afternoon. Then they will be present to make further observations on the Sunday. Others can give feedback to HCG either by going online, or by coming to the church office and having online responses imputed for them.

The date for this first step is the weeken of September 27-28.

And guess what? Pastor Glenn is going back to the National Outreach Convention in November. Who knows what he might win this time!

*FBC is not a Southern Baptist Church. Not that there's anything wrong with that! We are affiliated with Transformation Ministries of Covina, CA.

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