Monday, October 29, 2007

TransMin, Days II and III

OK, so I'm late. Even as I wrote the last blog my stomach was roiling and that night I had the unpleasant experience of seeing dinner come back with a vengeance. Enough unpleasantness...


I arrived late due to aforementioned factors in time to hear Tom Morris and Aaron Porter of FBC San Luis Obispo. FBCSLO has had considerable success in reaching Lost Generation young adults (Cal Poly SLO is nearby). They show a profound insight on "emergent"* approaches to worship, church life and evangelism. This was followed by a panel discussion which included L-Generation adults, both churched, unchurched and various places in between.

Eddie Gibbs spoke in the afternoon; I like him, but I think I like him more in print that as a speaker. Unfortunately by dinner time my three hours sleep was catching up with me so I skipped the PM and drove the 44 miles home.


My live-in nurse made me take some meds that almost made my brain flatline (I exaggerate slightly); I took solace in the fact that I'd already ordered the DVD of the morning session. Sorry, readers. Be sure to check the reflections over at

*For reasons I'll go into some other time, I dislike the term "emerging church." A more accurate term would be "church reaching post-moderns" (CRPMs?) but I don't expect that to catch on any time soon.

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