Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogging Barna

Sometimes as I read a good ministry book, I make a simple summary of the key ideas. I just finished reading a George Barna book for 2002 (better late than never), and did the same. I'd love some lively exchange on the ideas here. By the way, this is much better than his Revolution (2005) where I think some of the wheels came off his idea cart.

Ministry Implications of George Barna’s
Grow Your Church from the Outside In
(Ventura, CA: Regal, 2002)


1. Unchurched people can’t stand what they see as hypocrisy
2. Unchurched people are convinced that they don’t have time for church
3. In America, most people who accept Christ do so between ages 5-13
4. The unchurched see themselves as self-sufficient and not as “lost”; but they do connect to being seen as “spiritual explorers”
5. Unchurched people are most likely to connect to churches in which they see that members really care for one another
6. Unchurched people are more likely to respect churches that care for the needy of the community
7. Unchurched people are concerned about their families, and open to help with family life
8. The unchurched feel they have little time for passive activities, such as simply attending a worship service
9. Concerts and festivals are the best venues for connecting with the unchurched and establishing a positive image that become the basis for later personal invitations. (VBS and films are not effective venues.)

My question for discussion: although I have a list of implications, I didn't put them here. What are some of the implications as YOU see them?


Dennis E. McFadden said...

Ah, comeon Glenn. Revolution just sounds like a boy explaining to his mother why he doesn't go to church anymore. "Honest, momma, I'm still spiritual and evangelistic and I can worship God just as well in nature (or in my living room with a few buds) as in that ugly ole church place."

Glenn Layne said...

What part of "wheels off the cart" don't you get?

Dennis E. McFadden said...

I was agreeing with you, Glenn. Wheels off the cart. Got it. Was adding my attaboy.

Glenn Layne said...

I understood the first time. Geez, sarcasm is easier to communicate verbally...