Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thoughts on the Virginia Tech Attack

A brief post: today the pastors of the Foothill Association of Baptist Churches (formerly part of the ABCPSW, now TransMin churches, plus one dually aligned ABC/TransMin church) met at FBC Alhambra. A large portion of our time was consumed by discussion of the Virginia Tech attack. I offer two observations on the conversation:

1. There was absolute agreement that NBC was irresponsible to air the shooter's ramblings. It served no public good and provides encouragement to other unstable homicial manics that if they do the same, they get the fame.

2. There were many observations that such crimes of violence happen daily. Someone cited the statistic that 37 people die monthly in random violence in Los Angeles (source unverified). While no one would detract that the horror of the V-Tech attack, everyday violence is a far greater problem. Sensational attacks like this smother the news that a three-year old in East LA died by random gunfire.

For a good website devoted to prayer for the V-Tech family, click here.

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