Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Dog Bites Again

When I urged Dennis McFadden to blog, I knew that he was capable of producing a very influential blog due to his connections. His Palm Sunday blog is a good example of that. I urge you to read his April 1 entry in its entirety. Let me summarize some key points and make some of my own observations.

1. The Valley Forge execs have learned nothing by the loss of the PSW (now Transformation Ministries). They continue to grub for SOS money from the regions and other ABC related organizations. (In this case, SOS stands for Save Our Shack.)

2. Horrid theological aberrations continue to be celebrated by significant constituencies of the ABCUSA. Dennis describes a perversely named gathering of the hard left in the ABC: “Revive Us Again.” Hosted by Andover-Newton Theological School in Newton, MA, RUA was the brainchild of AWAB, the pro-homosexual ABC group. It featured my favorite theo-lefty, Bill Herzog, as well as Gregory Mobley, who contends that Satan was invented by ancient Hebrews as the trashcan in which to deposit the repellant figures of Yahweh, the God of Israel.

One way in which I differ from Dennis McFadden is that I remain an ordained American Baptist (even while my church followed PSW’s lead in withdrawing from the ABC), and I hold out hope from the reformation of the ABC. I see the key to this being the dismantling of the central directorate of the ABC, which I express as “Valley Forge delenda est!” (Check your history of the Punic Wars.) The behavior of the VF execs have done nothing to change my mind about the need to abolish the central structure. However, the gathering in Newton is the sort of thing that dents my hope for positive change in the ABC at large. Theological perversion, notes Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is ultimately more a greiveous deviation than individual moral acts.

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