Saturday, December 30, 2006


Here at the end of the year, it’s only fitting
to say thank you to all the people who have made not
only the Holiday season special, but to those who have
blessed us all by their above and beyond service. At
the great risk of forgetting someone:

Thanks to everyone in worship and music ministry who
excelled in leading us in worship this season, and
especially to our Worship Director, Matt Cooper.

Thanks to the guys who just painted and fixed up Room
113, turning it into one of the best-looking rooms on
campus: Brad Goodrich, Alex Vago and Joseph Kwong.

Thanks to the those who lit the Advent candles this
month: the Sulistios, the Joshuas, the Gardners and to
the Debra Cuda and Joyce Callen.

Thanks to the Vision Task Force who worked hard this
year to steer us in a new and exciting direction:
Keith Allred, Don Buchanan, Robin Giammalva, Bob
Rardin, Janet Stephens, Errol Strickler and Deanne

Thanks to all our wonderful interpreters, laboring
week by week to make the worship services accessible
to people speaking Mandarin, Spanish and Indonesian:
Sofia Kwong, coordinator; Robin Chandra, John Cortez,
Katharin Kuhn, Victoria Fan, Lucina Felix, Philip Pan,
Gelia Ramali, and Lisette Rhine.

Thanks to our office and support staff: Kathy
Alexander, Betty Kelly, Gene Mills and Bob Marston.

Thanks to all the people who make dinner for our
mid-week children’s ministry. What a great

Thanks for all those who work in our ESL (English as a
Second Language) ministry: Martha Beyer, Bob Boyd,
Celia Bushfield, Joyce Callen, Ralph Ramirez, and Jim

Thanks to all the people who help with audio-visual:
Ismael Felix, Justin Giammalva, Chuck Hysell, Bib
Johanessen, Than Tran and Terry Yocum.

Thanks to all our teachers: Sunday school, youth, VBS,
home Bible studies and so forth—to many to

Thanks to Joseph Kwong for wiring us for high-speed

Thanks to Dave Lazzarini and Errol Strickler for
making numerous repairs around the facility and for
giving the restroom by Laura’s office a
“complete makeover.”

Thanks to Betty Marston for directing His Kidz.

Thanks to Howard Somer for the use of his theatrical
lights for special occasions and for all his hard

Thanks to Janet Stephens for being to
“registrar” for several educational events
we held this year.

Thanks to Karin Wentzel, the lady who writes the
checks to pay the bills.

Thanks to Paul Parker who has done so many things
behind the scenes to improve our use of technology.

Thanks to all of our hard-working Diaconate members,
and to our Moderator, Alex Vago, who concludes his
term Dec. 31.

And thanks be the God, who gives all good things and
who will continue to guide and bless as we enter 2007
with faith, hope and love.

--Pastor Glenn

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