Friday, September 15, 2006

Colorado American Baptist Apparatus Backing Same-Sex Marriage in Fall Election

Well, wonder what the "people in the pews" think? Hey ABC of the Rocky Mountains, is this what you really believe? I suspect not, but your revisionist leaders do. Are you going to do anything about this apostacy? I sure hope so. More evidence that the mainlines are being sidelined. And they don't even seem to know it...

Three religious groups back gay rights

Ballot measure would grant status similar to marriage
Darin McGregor © Rocky Mountain New

September 15, 2006

Three state religious organizations endorsed a ballot measure Thursday that would grant gay couples many of the legal rights and responsibilities of married couples.
Among the groups backing Referendum I is the Colorado Council of Churches. It is the largest Christian coalition in the state, representing a dozen Protestant denominations and close to 1,000 churches, including the United Methodists, American Baptists and the United Church of Christ, according to Council executive the Rev. Jim Ryan.

The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado and Colorado Clergy for Equality in Marriage, representing about 200 clergy statewide, also announced support for Referendum I during a news conference on the steps of the Denver City and County Building.

The endorsements add new religious voices to the debate. Until now, the highest profile group has been Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family, which has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the effort to defeat Referendum I and win passage of a marriage amendment.

The pro Ref I clergy members said they are backing the initiative because it supports the view that gay couples should be treated as equals under God.

"Referendum I is the solution," said the Rev. Benjamin L. Reynolds, senior pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. "Referendum I is not marriage. It is not similar to marriage. It does not affect those who are married . . . Referendum I provides the most basic legal rights."

Referendum I would allow gay couples to register as domestic partners and thereby gain certain rights and responsibilities, including the right to make medical and funeral decisions for a partner.

Opponents call the measure gay marriage in disguise.

On Nov. 7, voters will decide on Referendum I and a related measure, Amendment 43, which would define marriage in the Colorado Constitution as a union only between a man and a woman.

The Council of Churches will not take a stand on Amendment 43 because of disagreement on the issue, Ryan said. The Interfaith Alliance and the Clergy for Equality in Marriage oppose Amendment 43.

Amendment 43 is sponsored by Coloradans for Marriage, a coalition of Christian organizations, including the Colorado Catholic Conference, National Association of Evangelicals and Focus on the Family.

While Focus on the Family has been the most vocal opponent of Referendum I, other major religious organizations, including the Catholic conference and Evangelical association, have not yet officially announced their position on the measure.

Supporters of Referendum I said religious community support is crucial.

"The other side wants Colorado to believe that there's only one appropriate and acceptable view of Referendum I from a religious perspective," said Sean Duffy, executive director of Coloradans for Fairness and Equality, the group sponsoring Referendum I and opposing Amendment 43.

"This is incredibly powerful to have leaders of congregations send a strong signal . . . that Referendum I is a strong step forward for Colorado."

Colorado Council of Churches member denominations

• African Methodist Episcopal Church

American Baptist Churches of the Rockies

• Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - Central Rocky Mountain Region

• Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

• Church of the Brethren

• Episcopal Church - Episcopal Diocese of Colorado

• Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Rocky Mountain Synod

• National Baptist Convention

• Presbyterian Church (USA) - Denver, Plains & Peaks, and Pueblo Presbyteries

• United Church of Christ - Rocky Mountain Conference

• United Methodist Church - Rocky Mountain Conference

• Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches - Region 7

Source: Coloradans For Fairness &Amp; Equality


baptistlikeme said...


I've posted a round up of links to ABCRM documents and information concerning their upcoming annual meeting in my Sept 16 post. Wanted to share that with you and your readers.

baptistlikeme said...

Also, the region's statement on homosexuality, which has come out of process started by the region's delegates last year, seems rather orthodox and seems to rightly encourage some prudent future courses of action. The degree to which this statement gels with the region's endorsement of the legislation in question will have to be decided by the people in the pews. Thanks for sharing this story.

Anonymous said...

I've read the regions statement and it has no teeth. Just words. Too bad.