Monday, July 03, 2006

Now That's a Great Title

Some people don't like Bill Gates because they are he puts bugs in his OS (hence Windows 95, 98, Mill, XP, MICKEYMOUSE, etc.) Now he's positioning himself as THE MAN WHO WILL SAVE THE WORLD WITH ALL THAT MONEY. Here's another, startling, take...

The Hell of Gates Shall Not Prevail


In what seems like a well-scripted one-two punch of the culture of death, the world's two richest men have dazzled our fawning media and society with their dangerous magic in the past several weeks.

The sequential announcement of the pending retirement of Bill Gates from Microsoft and the gift of some $40 billion from Warren Buffett to the Gates' foundation ought to strike fear in the heart of every unborn baby in the world. This is truly an unprecedented event: the world's second richest man giving the bulk of his immense fortune to the world's richest man for the singular purpose of population control. Wow.We ought not to forget who these two men are. It was Warren Buffett who funded the deadly abortion drug RU-486 and has sent suction machines to the Third World to make sure that the poor would not proliferate in his eugenic vision of a white-dominated world. He has an unfiltered bias toward population control and abortion.

Mr. Gates is hardly less of an anti-lifer though his philanthropy tends to be better-disguised. He dedicates millions to Planned Parenthood and their abortion machine. He funds condom-distribution efforts, youth education and "reproductive health" schemes all of which are disguised in compassionate terms as AIDS programs and women's rights initiatives. Needless to say, chastity is not his main concern. He is still young and has made it clear that his second career will be expending these vast resources in generous anti-life measures; he is a formidable force to reckon with. There is nothing that fuels the anti-life movement more than money. It exists, perhaps symbolically so, on filthy lucre, and with this one mammoth financial windfall I believe the abortion-promoting elite have pushed the already-imbalanced life vs. death battle beyond the point of no return. With Buffett's billions Gates may be, in a strictly worldly sense, unstoppable. The culture of life simply cannot compete with this kind of money. And this is precisely the point where the pro-life movement has needed to be for a long time: the point where all strictly human solutions are rendered impotent and we have no choice but to turn to an even greater power than the combined fortunes of the world's two richest men. Simply put, they have money, we have God; which means we live in hope for the definitive solution to this mess and they live in fear of a stock market crash. While we can never cease our human efforts to labor on behalf of the poorest of the world's poor, the unborn, neither can we pretend that our best efforts towards a worldly solution to the anti-life movement will be sufficient. Only God can win this fight, presuming our cooperation. He is not impressed by the wealth of men; in fact, He scoffs at it. He is impressed, however, with humility, and wants us on our knees every spare moment while we work for the unborn. Prayerful humility reminds us where our strength lies. It is not in money or in our efforts or cleverness. It is in Him. The prayers of the faithful will eventually undo the culture of death in much the same way that the prayers of the faithful toppled the institutions of Communism. We must always, in all ways and at all times make it our priority to buffet the gates of death with assiduous prayers for deliverance from this present darkness and trust that the hell of Gates shall not prevail.

Fr. Tom Euteneuer is president of Human Life International.


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