Monday, July 03, 2006

Denomination to Valley Forge Leaders: Hit the Road, Jack and Don't Come 'Round No More, No More

A tip o' the hat to a great reporting done by Dwight Stinnet over at (He'll probably get in hot water for my praise--sorry). Buried in his reporatge is this bombshell, based on the survey done by the ABC this Spring:

27% believe that our national leaders are providing strong and effective leadership on the most important issues facing our denomination while 57% do not.

54% believe that our national leaders are failing to effectively address the needs and concerns of 21st century congregations 29% do not.

In the real world (AKA outside of the Wholly Donut) this is what's known as an abject failure of leadership. The PSW crisis is the most visible example of this failure, but not the only. Guys, hit the road.

Valley Forge delenda est!

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Anonymous said...

So Glenn, are you saying that you are through with denominations as a whole? Now that the PSW has left they seem to be wondering or at least the churches seem to be drifting around. Don't you think that CCN would provide them with some kind of identity and mission?