Wednesday, November 23, 2005

PSW Answers Questions about West Virginia and the Future of PSW

Q: Is it true that the West Virginia Baptist Convention voted to remain in the ABCUSA?

A: This is a great illustration of the maxim, "Half the story is the wrong story." Dr. David Carrico, Executive Minister of the West Virginia Baptist Convention, reports that two resolutions regarding the Region's relationship with the ABCUSA were voted on at their convention. A motion to leave the ABCUSA immediately was defeated by 75 votes with over 700 votes cast. A second motion to reaffirm the Region's relationship with the ABCUSA was defeated by over 200 votes.In Dr. Carrico's words, "So the message was, we are still ABC BUT we are very unhappy !"

Q: After the PSW spins-off the ABC, what will it look like? Will it be a new denomination?
A: There is no indication from the Lord of the Church that our vision to strengthen churches through mentoring, leader training, and coaching has been recalled! The priority of the PSW remains. We will serve all our churches as they change their worlds for Christ.Some things will change if we spin-off, and the PSW Board has formed 2 task forces to begin to anticipate those changes. One task force is in the process of field testing several names for the PSW across a broad cross section of our churches. The second task force is anticipating future possibilities in terms of budget, relationships, staffing, missions, and the needs of our diverse churches. We will share results as soon as we have them.We are blazing a trail and have few models to follow; so, we are moving ahead with prayer and caution. We are confident God will continue to blow away the fog and reveal the new land He is leading us to.

Source: an email sent out by PSW today.

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