Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pasadena: Strike Three for the Team from Valley Forge

Last night's gathering of the Execs from Valley Forge was a carbon-copy experience. Meeting at the First Baptist Church of Pasadena, there were only about 8 pastors in a group of 75--many of whom were elderly members of the church. Also present were two Fuller Seminary professors, members of the church, who oppose the PSW separation--Dan Scholar and Glenn Stassen (son of perrenial candidate for president, Harold Stassen).

The most pointed questions were posed by the church's pastor, Steve Hasper, who asked about the report that PSW General Board representatives had been "disinvited" to the GB meeting coming up in a few weeks. Dr. Medley replied that it had only been suggested to them that they ought not come.

Questions arose again regarding the status of Native American churches in Arizona. Aisand Wright-Riggins indicated that only funds partially supporting the salary of PSW employee had been cut off, and that the timing with the PSW matter was incidental. However, my sources confirmed that that cut off was backdated to the exact day that the PSW Board voted to move forward toward separation from ABCUSA. It is not credible that that was a coincidence.

My source also indicated that the PSW employee was discharged from NM support without consultation with the Native American churches themselves, which also undercuts the notion that the PSW staffer had been deemed incompetent by the actual churches involved. Mr. Wright-Riggins is simply not credible on this matter.

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Dennis E. McFadden said...

Did David Scholer or Glenn Stassen say much?