Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Let's see. I like to handicap the Dems running for president (in Zell Miller's memorable phrase, the Naive Nine). Here's how i see it:

1. Dean is odds on to win. He's looney, but then so is the party these days.
2. Gephardt is a distant second. If he loses Iowa to Dean, he's dead.
3. Next is Kerry, the French-looking candidate. If he loses New Hampshire, he's dead.
4. Gen. Wesley "George B. McClelland" Clark (check your history), a shill for the Clintons, is simply weird. Name me one state primary he could win--maybe Arkansas.
5. Lieberman is the most sensible Dem, which is why he'll lose. The only primary he might win is CT. Can any say Loserman?
5. John Edwards hair might win the NC primary, but that's it.
6. The rest of the pack are LEFTIST LOSERS: Dennis the Menace Kucinich, Rev. Al Sharpton (who thinks he's the ghost of Jesse Jacksons past) and Carol Mosely-Braun (who's only running to dilute the black vote with Sharpy).

BOTTOM LINE: Dean will be the nominee, and Bush will cream him.

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