Thursday, July 09, 2009

"Instead of Fixing the Budget, Let's Gut Prop 8"

From an email from Ron Prentice of Yes on 8:

As if the Legislature doesn’t have enough issues to deal with given the chronic $26 billion state budget deficit, some legislators are advancing a new bill in Sacramento designed to rip a huge hole in Proposition 8 and further undercut traditional marriage in California.

We need your help immediately to contact legislators and the Governor to oppose Senate Bill 54, which seeks to undermine Proposition 8, and further attempts to sneak this change by the people of California through a legislative maneuver known as the “gut and amend.”

Last week, Senator Mark Leno stripped out the contents of SB 54 – dealing with health care coverage -- and inserted language that would legalize gay marriages performed in other states and nations prior to the passage of Proposition 8. This proposal is in direct conflict with California’s constitution – as amended by the passage of Proposition 8 – that provides only marriage between a man and a woman will be valid or recognized in California. Further, it goes well beyond the California Supreme Court’s decision that allowed to remain valid a limited number of same-sex marriages performed in California last summer before Proposition 8 passed.It is simply wrong and undemocratic for liberal gay activists like Senator Mark Leno to attempt to circumvent the decision of voters and rewrite our constitution behind our backs with this sneaky “gut and amend” maneuver. That’s why we’re asking you to take action TODAY and urge the legislature, and if it gets to him, the Governor, to oppose this effort to undermine Proposition 8.

We’ve told you before about our new coalition, the Protect Marriage Action Fund, and opposing legislation like SB 54 is the kind of aggressive advocacy the Action Fund is undertaking to mount a wide-ranging defense of traditional marriage in our state.

Please become an active supporter by opposing SB 54.

And if you can, please consider making a donation to the Protect Marriage Action Fund by clicking here. Your contribution will be used to help bring on and train field organizers, fund communications with the public and the media and ensure that citizens learn more about the many benefits that traditional marriage has provided to our society.

We pledge to call on you to take action sparingly, only when your action can make a difference, and when there is a direct assault on marriage and Proposition 8. Senator Leno’s SB 54 is such a direct assault, and your action will make a difference.

SB 54 will be heard THURSDAY in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. While the odds of stopping the bill here are low, we think that applying pressure now will drive up more no votes on this bill, which helps increase the odds of the Governor vetoing the bill. If the bill makes it to his desk, we are ultimately looking at an effort designed to encourage Governor Schwarzenegger to veto this legislation.

But for now, the fight is in the State Assembly!

Write your state Assembly representative expressing your opposition to SB 54. Ask him or her to vote against SB 54 if it makes it to the Assembly floor.

In particular, if any of the following members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee represent your home area, please call or email them immediately to urge them to oppose SB 54. Your immediate action will send a clear message that Californians are watching and will not sit idly by while liberal legislators attempt to rip a huge hole in Proposition 8.

Assembly Member Mike Feuer (D – West LA, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood) 285-5490
Assembly Member Van Tran (R – Costa Mesa, Garden Grove) 668-2100
Assembly Member Julia Brownley (D - Calabasas, Oxnard) 596-4141
Assembly Member Noreen Evans (D – Santa Rose, Napa) 546-4500
Assembly Member Dave Jones (D – Sacramento) 324-4676
Assembly Member Steve Knight (R – Palmdale, Victorville) 267-7636
Assembly Member Paul Krekorian (D – Burbank) 558-3043
Assembly Member Ted Lieu (D – El Segundo) 615-3515Assembly Member William Monning (D – Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel) 425-1503
Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R – Redding, Yuba City)
Please take action today, and may God bless you and your family!

Ron Prentice, Executive

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