Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Prop 8 Passes!

From the KABC 7 website:

-- 23,103 of 25,429 precincts reporting (91%)
Gay Marriage
Yes, 4,942,99152%
No, 4,592,31748%

As of 5:43 AM on Wednesday, Nov. 5, Prop 8, the Protect Marriage Amendment is well ahead with 91% of precincts reporting. Those of us who have devoted the last several months have paid a price (I'll blog more about the price over the next few days--information which I've had to embargo until now) , but it was worth it.

Now, no gloating. Love instead. Love the opponents, love those trapped in same-sex attraction, and above all, love God.

By the way, similar measures passed in Florida and Arizona--a clean sweep for traditional marriage.