Friday, December 21, 2007

Dennis' Dog Stops Barking Up ABC Tree; TransMin on Missional Track

I noted that Dennis MacFadden posted today his intent to cease commenting on American Baptist-related issues, which is exactly what I would do were I in his position. I'm glad I had a part in the inspiration for His Barking Dog (which Dennis notes, thank you). I'm about where Dennis is in ABC-related matters. It's just not on my radar screen anymore.

BTW, during the thick of the ABC v PSW crisis, when DD was a source of breaking news, someone asked me, "Would you be blogging this if you were on the [PSW] board?" The answer is, of course not. Board members have a different set of responsibilities.

I can report that TransMin ends the year having met and exceeded their goal of 100 covenanting churches. (The 'covenanting church' status far exceeds the on the books membership standards that the ABC most denominations require, while not crossing the connectional church line.)

I hope to blog up something about the historicity of the Christmas story either later today or Monday morning. Tomorrow our daughter flies in from Florida and Sunday is off the charts busy (two services, baptisms, and a three-hour gift-wrapping outreach).

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