Friday, August 24, 2007

Batting Down Rumors About TransMin

Although this was posted some time ago (see the tag on the end) it might be good to review and to, as Dr. Salico says, to, "set the record straight."

Setting the Record Straight

Dr. Dale V. Salico

False reports are being circulated about Transformation Ministries, bringing confusion to pastors and congregations. Numerous pastors have reported the allegations being made against this ministry. My only purpose in responding to these false reports is to set the record straight.

False Statement #1: “Transformation Ministries is financially weak and cannot offer significant services to churches.”

The Facts: In the past seventeen months God has blessed Transformation Ministries financially beyond anything we have seen in the past decade. Because of God’s grace and the generosity of the Lord’s people, we are now in the strongest financial position we have been for the past fifteen years!

  • In the past month we have hired two new administrative staff members.

  • After years of deferred maintenance, because of a special gift we have re-roofed and painted our office building. More repairs and improvements are being scheduled to make the Church Resource Center more user friendly.

  • We have upgraded our publications.

  • Significant improvements are being made at all three of our camps.

  • In the first four months of 2007, financial support for Transformation Ministries budgeted ministries has exceeded 2006 giving by 19%!

While we need the continued faithful support of congregations and our financial partners, this ministry is growing, not shrinking!

False Statement #2: “If your church stays with Transformation Ministries, they will want your property and 30% of your church’s income.”

The Facts: Transformation Ministries will not ask any church to surrender the ownership of its property to this Ministry. The Board of Directors of Transformation Ministries is working through our property files and, on a case-by-case basis, offering to eliminate or change old loans and property agreements. The final decision about property arrangements between individual churches and Transformation Ministries will be made by the churches.

Transformation Ministries does not ask for a certain percentage of a church’s income. In the Covenant of Transformation Ministries Churches, congregations state, “We will give a ‘faith share’ to support this mission.” A “faith share” is defined as follows: “By agreeing to give a ‘faith share’ to support our mission together, congregations are saying that they will support this ministry at a significant level.”

False Statement #3: “If your church is a member of Transformation Ministries, there will be no emergency assistance available for your pastor or pastoral family.”

The Facts: The churches of Transformation Ministries have contributed over $25,000.00 to a “Pastors Emergency Fund.” Combined with other donations, the Transformation Ministries Pastor’s Emergency Fund now has a balance of over $100,000.00! A team of pastors has been appointed to oversee the Emergency Fund ministry. Already, several pastoral families have received assistance.

False Statement #4: “Two hundred churches in the Pacific Southwest are standing firmly with the ABC.”

The Facts: While many Transformation Ministries churches have withdrawn from the ABC, the majority of churches have not yet notified the ABC regarding their intentions. Many will eventually withdraw. Others will be members both of the ABC and Transformation Ministries. In the first week of April, churches received the final printed Covenant of Transformation Ministries Churches. We are receiving signed Covenants almost every day at the Church Resource Center in Covina. [Ed.: see the current data at

If you have heard other confusing or troubling reports about Transformation Ministries, please communicate them to us so we can bring clarification. Rumors and misinformation not only cause confusion, they can lead to disconnect. Every congregation is important in this movement of churches. Our goal is for every congregation to be stronger because of its relationship with every other congregation.

Transformation Ministries provides a robust connection between churches, not a marriage of convenience or a phantom relationship. Built on a solid foundation of Biblical convictions and core values, Transformation Ministries strengthens churches now, and prepares them to withstand the intensifying storms blowing out of a post-Christian culture that are assaulting Christianity.

God is blessing this movement of churches, under-girding its ministry and expanding its influence.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Ephesians 4:2-3



Dennis E. McFadden said...


Thanks for posting it. Some of the things that have been said against TM and Dale have been outrageous. It is good to give Dale's side a wider hearing.

artjaggard said...

Hi Glenn,
A friend was just visiting with an ABC Regional exec who is reported to have taken some joy in the fact that TM is facing internal crisis. No specifics, just inuendo and a really inappropriate heart (for a Christian at least). This same exec expressed a measure of satisfaction to me that Indiana Kentucky had financial difficulties and his more liberal region had gotten past theirs. (The latter is good if it is actually true... My sense is that after running off their conservative 1/3 several years ago and resetting at a lower level they did see an increase in UM last year, though not to the level it once was...)
The joy at misfortune and misinformation reaffirm that VF is in the hands of someone other than Jesus.

Dennis E. McFadden said...


Schadenfreude is a most unattractive response. One of my favorite qualities in Dr. Dale Salico is his total refusal to play the na-na-na-na-nah game with VF. Frankly after more than 50 years in the organization, my heart grieves at the pain of separation. I truly wish them well and hope that they WILL flourish now that they have been purged (or "pruned" aka Jn 15 to use one exec's imagery) of TM.

BLM said...

Hi Art,

I'm not exactly sure how the Regional Exec's attitude reaffirms anything about VF.

"My friend said that A said B about C and D, so therefore, X is true about Y..." Sounds like some fuzzy math, friend.

"The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."

Artjaggard said...

Your observation is correct as far as it goes. However there are two leadership systems operating among the execs. There are the Parchment Valley folks and there are the VF folks. Things have gotten so divisive that there are times when both sides report that civility (let alone a sense of real family) has been hard to come by.
The exec whose comments and alleged comments I have reported is part of the VF cadre and his views (as far as I can tell) reflect an attitude too present in the VF hierarchy.