Sunday, June 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts....

FAREWELL this week to one of the church's great ladies, Ruth Bell Graham. I urge everyone to read his bio here. Also read here.

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, but I asked for it. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I'm taking the Perspectives course at the US Center for World Mission. In a class of 46, 43 are younger than me, and I feel like my years and training (under the late J. Christy Wilson, Jr.) give me an unfair advantage.

I have the first edition of the HUGE (about 1000 pages) Perspectives book, and it's interesting to see how how it's changed. In a word the course has become "Piperized"--that is, the direct and indirect influence of John Piper has changed the course--mostly to the good.

DR. DAVID SCHOLER. I read the LA Times story about David Scholer via Dennis McFadden's blog . Dennis knows Dr. Scholer from his time as Interim Pastor of FBC Pasadena; I knew him as a seminary professor at Gordon-Conwell. (I had the very last class he taught at GCTS; we was packing his formidable library each night and gave us a blow by blow account of the process.) Be sure to read the Times story.


John said...

Glenn Layne.
re: David Scholer .. when were you at Gordon Conwell, and what was David's last year at Gordon??

(Gordon Div'60-63)
David was a student then I recal.

Glenn Layne said...

That would be summer, 1982. I entered GCTS Fall, 1980 and finished in December of 82.