Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Week They Lost It

The past week may be noted as The Week They Lost It, as in lost control of their words. Who are they?

First nominee is Christopher Hitchens who lost it commenting on the death of Jerry Falwell. (see YouTube video below:)

His comments are utterly indefensible even for his point of view. He lost it.

Second, if accounts are to be trusted, Sen John McCain lost it when confronted on the McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill, hurling unprintable words at some fellow-senators dissented from the bill. His pursuit of the presidency is over.

Third, former President Jimmy Carter lost it. He called the Bush Administration "the worst in history."

The Carter-Clinton effort to bring Baptists together for a image-scrubbing event in early 2008 seems more and more incredulous and more and more politically motivated.


Dennis E. McFadden said...

I was happy to see Huckabee withdraw from speaking at the Carter event after his withering attack this weekend.

Dennis E. McFadden said...

Hey, I guess when you write a book, "God is Not Great," it speaks volumes about how you would evaluate a Jerry Falwell. You are right though, even from his point of view, the vituperative vitriol was excessive.

On McCain, what do you expect? The man has a rep for a volcanic temper. Dropping an f-bomb here or there is certainly in keeping with his most unpresidential temperament (unless you consider Andrew Jackson the model for presidential mien).

And, as for Carter, some people ripen with age and become gracious exemplars of God's sanctifying impact while others simply go to seed and rot. While I appreciate his conscience-driven outspokenness (despite my political disagreements), the breach of ex-presidential etiquette makes him look like an old fool.